It can be the senior

It can be the senior It can be the father, mother.

It can be the mentor, the spiritual teacher.

It can be the senior girlfriend.

Therefore for parents it is important to provide its communication with the responsible person.

Concerning the factors supporting and destroying piety of the girl it is much told in Nitishastrakh the collection of aphorisms of the Vedic wise man Chanakyi Pandit.

There, by the way, besides undesirability of distant travel, still the regular day dream, also tendency to examine passersby is mentioned, standing at doors of the house.

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If to do the return, there

If to do the return, there If you is quiet and realistic smot To Rita on how boys play girls or girls in mal checks, it will help children to investigate sexual roles, will provide their healthy and happy development will also not do much harm to their samouvazha niya.

If to do the return, there is a risk to do more harm, than advantage.

To their trempyat to years you already understand, yours feels the child the boy or the girl Domenico explains to di Chelye, consultant and detskopodrostkovy psychiatrist Tevistok sky clinic.

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At children

At children At children with not formation spatial preda disorder stavleny usually in notebooks: they come around for fields, can together write two different words, especially hour that noun with a pretext for example, to nastola or nadokny, do not follow rules of transfer etc.

The book which you now hold in hand, will help rebena ku to develop not only spatial representations, but and attention, imagination, thinking, graphic skills, to create an image of a letter and the word.

The fascinating tasks and games collected in the book, spoa sobstvut to development of all levels spatial preda stavleniye.

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Work can be facilitated, if the child

Work can be facilitated, if the child For the following exercises the child takes the second series of cards without arrows.

Work can be facilitated, if the child at first will sort cards; the teacher suggests the child to spread out along a card chain with numbers of hundreds and number Near a chain lie in the order of the card in about tens.

With number the teacher puts the card with number on the card so that it turned out number Now it moves these cards with the th on the th bead in a chain.

Then it changes the card with number on the card with number and again moves cards along a chain.

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To help the child

To help the child Child go razdo will understand rather and will estimate others if he understands also oyets nivat itself.

To develop at it respect for feelings of other people.

Only in this case he will realize consequences of the actions.

To establish clear, honest and firm rules of behavior by a praise and controlled use of sanctions.

To help the child to establish the relations with others and to receive from them pleasure.

To encourage at the child expression of emotions and the point of view, on to mogat to it to realize the decisions and to bear responsibility for the actions.

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